Gym Memberships and Pricing 


Shift wellness and performance understands our economy is changing constantly.  We seek to provide quality advice, desired training and excellent equipment at affordable prices.  Our gym offers several options for you and your family to choose from to meet your budget and needs. 

Access to the gym includes; Cardio and Weight Training Machines, Lockers, Showers and Free Weights including a power rack with olympic bars, plate weights and dumb bells to complete your free weight routine. 

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach on Site: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 8-11am and Monday/Wednesday 2:30-5pm.

Supervised Fitness Memberships

Individual: $60             Family: $110

Supervised Fitness members have a licensed physical therapist do an assessment prior to beginning and exercise program. This assessment does not take the place of a physician assessment that is recommended prior to joining a fitness facility. After the assessment the therapist will take your goals, along with their observations, and design your beginning exercise program.

Every three months you will have another assessment progressing your plan to provide you with exercises that can help you achieve optimal strength, endurance and balance.  We look forward to coming alongside you in your journey to wellness and performance!



Individual memberships include access to all our gym facilities 24/7

Individual:  $40

Family:  $90

Day Pass - $5



College Students

Pricing only available with valid school ID

Summer: $90

Month: $30

**Download full pricing sheet here**

*monthly rate with bank/CC draft of 3 months or more.

Silver Sneakers and BCBs Silver and Fit Certified

We are happy to participate in Silver Sneakers and BCBS Silver and Fit programs. Check your eligibility with your health care provider.